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Welcome to the blog section of That Beer Thing.ca. I am Joshua James, creator and curator of “Hey Josh What’cha Drinking?”, a series of beer review videos I started in December 2021 (at the height of the global pandemic) on YouTube…mostly out of boredom.

Who am I?

Besides being a parent to 3 (mostly) adult children and 2 doggos, a (failed) business owner, spouse and partner, former cook and chef? I’m just a middle-aged dude who loves beer…

I like seeking out and trying new and interesting beers, talking about beer, reading about beer styles and history, and beer culture.

But why am I like this?

My love affair with beer started when I was in my mid-twenties…That’s when I encountered my first “craft beer”. Before that, the only type of beer I was familiar with was the macro lite lager my dad use to drink. I found myself in a new city, with an old friend. On one of my first nights in town, they took me out to see a local band at a popular bar. They asked if I wanted a beer… I said, “Yeah, sure. Thanks,” expecting a couple of bottles of that typically pale yellow foamy stuff. They went to the bar, and returned with two pint glasses, and a large pitcher of reddish-brown wonder! It was an “English Brown Ale”… he filled our glasses and handed me one.

I was intrigued… 

I took a drink…

it was sweet and nutty. It had Flavour & Texture…Wow!!

And thus it began…

And then what?

Since then I’ve had countless pints in as many different styles that I can find.

I’ve gone to culinary school, and worked as a cook and a chef for several years, developing my palette, and learning the language of differentiating subtle flavours and aromas. I’ve tried my hand at homebrewing, with mixed results, and been a member of a few different Brewing and beer appreciation clubs. In addition to this blog, and my ongoing YouTube beer reviews, I intend to start the training to become a Cicerone in the near future.

I’m not a professional, but as I stated before, I’m just a guy who loves beer. I hope you’ll want to join me in my endeavour as I continue to enjoy, learn and talk about beer. Including beer history, beer styles, beer reviews, collaborations with other beer Enthusiasts, Brewing industry news and innovations…and general beer nerdiness.

‘That Beer Thing”  is not going to be yet another “beer rating” site (there are enough of those already, and they do a great job), rather a beer information and appreciation site. Focusing mainly on the local craft beer scene, and beer culture. 

I hope that you’ll join me, and enjoy.


Joshua James

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