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It all began one day when Talk Show host and comedian Jenn Hayward was bored and tired of what was on the streaming network. HOW CAN NOTHING BE ON???

She hated having to scroll through Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and more to find organic new content that MEANT SOMETHING. Where are the voices she wants to hear?

She met with other small creators and they said “let’s start our own station” and so we have!

Think of us as a cross between Oprah and Weird Al: Serious but also silly.

We are people. Ordinary people with hobbies and passions.

This is open source BUT it is heavily curated. By who? We have started a Patreon account here and new programming will be passed through our community! Join early to have ultimate involvement!

We want to connect people, places and things, and believe in organic, amateur, and more. As all of our creators make more money they will invest in their set up and programming. Lights, backdrops and more.

So go like our socials, sign up and of course, watch and share!

We are driven by connections

We aim to bring programming that improves your life by connecting to people, places and things. Look at our schedule today!

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